We are the weekend warriors, the backyard mavericks and the garage mechanics.

We are the builders.

BotBrawl celebrates the maker in all of us with glorious robotic combat! We invite people across Canada, from every walk of life to show us their maker spirit in a fun, invigorating competition. 

BotBrawl's purpose is to provide a safe and regulated avenue for teams to fight home-made robots against one another. We offer standardized rules, venues, arenas and most importantly we foster a community of like-minded teams who share this wild hobby. Our rules govern what is and is not allowed in robot construction. Rules are enforced by our safety officers, who weigh and inspect each robot before league events. In order to compete, your robot must pass a safety inspection prior to the competition, inspections occur onsite before the event begins. Before the first round of fights a mandatory drivers meeting is held to ensure everyone understands the rules and schedule.


Use your knowledge of wood working, welding, programming and electronics to design and build your very own fighting robot. Building bots is a great way to learn and master a new skill or to rekindle your love of all things metal. It's time to put those shop skills to work and enter the world of combat robotics. 

We host events throughout the year in southern Ontario, everyone is welcome to join our ranks. 

While our main focus is to promote the invigorating hobby of robot building and fighting we also work hard to promote STEAM education in youth. Building bots is a fantastic way to learn technical and mechanical skills.  In today's world mechanical skill is something no longer taught and seldom passed down through the generations. BotBrawl presents families with a unique opportunity to dream up a robot and build together, helping mom and dad pass down valuable technical skills to their children. 

BeaverWorx FRC High School Team with Champion robot HODOR!

BeaverWorx FRC High School Team with Champion robot HODOR!