The BotBrawl Robot Fighting League is presented by an amazing group of robot builders who volunteer their time throughout the year to put on these amazing events.

BotBrawl @ MakerExpo 2017

BotBrawl @ MakerExpo 2017


It takes an army of volunteers to keep BotBrawl running, however these individuals have gone above and beyond.


Ravi Baboolal

Role: Founder/Event Organizer

Bio: Mechanical Engineering Specialist with a life long predilection for robotic carnage.

Captain of Canada’s very own Battlebots team All Black Robotics, builder/operators of Lycan and Red Devil from


Kevin Birchall

Role: Chief Safety Officer/Event Organizer


Doug Ireland

Role: Audio Engineer/Video Editor

Bio: Professional PA announcer and DJ for Jr 'A' Hockey who prefers to take his fights off the ice and into the battlebox.

Competitor in Canadian and international robotic combat since 2002 under the name Team Hockey Stick Combat Robotics.


Andrea Valenzuela


Tyler Beadle


Eric Laird

Role: Field volunteer / general robot tech support.

Bio: Mechanical engineering technologist specializing in robotics and automation. My passion lies in designing and building cool things.

Competitor in Canada and internationally since 2016 on team RoboFreaks Combat Robotics.


Jason Ribeiro


Marcus Quintilian