How do I get started?

The first step is deciding to get involved! Congratulations!

Step number two is signing up for the league news letter to stay up to date on announcements.

Step 3 is to get antiquated with our rules as they will govern the designing of your robot.
There are 2 divisions, Sumo (30lb/150lb) and Combat (1lb/3lb).
Sorry builders, no tasers or acid allowed.


Robots can be built from wood or PVC pipe construction. In fact one of our 2017 winners was a robot built out of wood by an intrepid college student. 

Here are some resources to get you started.

In short you will need 5 main components.

  • Chassis
    • This can be as simple as a plywood board or as complex as a welded steel frame. 
  •  Batteries
    • Wheel chair batteries, rechargeable tool batteries or fancy lithium ion* batteries. The choices are endless. Its important to choose a system which not only fits your budget but also comfortable with. 
      *Lithium Ion batteries can catch fire or explode if not cared for correctly. Be cautious! 
  • Motors
    • To get the robot moving it will need a few motors and gearboxes. For smaller (30lb) robots cordless drill motors tend to work out great. Its important to remember that almost all motors require a gear system of some kind to work properly. Think about a car or bicycle, these both have a way to turn the motor (or human) into a powerhouse by using gears to alter the rotational speed and torque.
  • Control System
    • The control system is the link between batteries and motors. There are a few ways to accomplish this but at its basic function the control system will allow the driver to remotely control the robot. By twisting your joystick the controller will know to allow power to flow from the battery into the motor. These days its easiest use hobby grade controllers, the same kind used to control drones!
      • Compoents of a control system
        • Radio Control or Tether Control
        • Electronic Speed Controller or Relays
  • Locomotion System
    • Wheels? Tracks? Legs?
      • Your robot will need some way to get around. For the beginner we suggest wheels.

Where do I get this stuff?

These are a few online shops we like to buy parts from. (Great Canadian site for radios, antweight and beetleweight parts) (Great for cheap radio controllers and batteries) (A Canadian source for motors, wheels and electronic speed controllers) (A shop specializing in robotic combat)

When it comes to designing your very own robot, the sky is indeed the limit. However for beginners we highly recommend focusing on building a driving platform first, then worrying about weapons and other details. If you can't drive you can't win!

If you have any questions whilst designing and building shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to get you back on track.