Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Event #4 registration extened until June 30th!

We had a few last minute requests so we've decided to extend the registration deadline until June 30th!

How do I register? 
Registration will open May 24th 2017 and close June 30th 2017.
Spots are limited so register early!

1: Register your robot and team
2: Cover your teams registration fee's
3: Get Building!

Registration Fee's
-$40.00CND for 150lb robots
-$20.00CND for 30lb robots
*Eventbrite fees apply
All event fees are folded back into the event, for building the arena, renting equipment, prizes etc.

Competitors will be given ID badges, required to access the pit area. Passes are made according to your registration info (Competitor Names).
Email: gcbotbrawl@gmail.com with questions

To register please fill out an event registration form and use Eventbrite to pay registration fees. Using the same email for both will help us organize. Furthermore please print out and bring the Eventbrite ticket with you to the event.

Event Rules
Event Registration
Event Payment
*please use the same email as event registration for fee payment.

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