Monday, September 12, 2016

Maker Expo Recap!

We had an absolute blast at Maker Expo in Kitchener on Saturday!

With more bots and more fights then last year the crowds were constant and the battles took all day to get through!

150lb SUMO
Crusher 2.0 vs Tankenstein

The early morning crowd

Big thanks to our mayors for once again taking part in the massive 3 way Mayoral BotBrawl!
Mayor Berry Vrbanovic of Kitchener
Mayor Dave Jaworsky of Waterloo
Counsellor Jan Liggett of Cambridge

The Mayoral Bot Brawl!

Thanks to Maker Expo's installation program where they provided funds to special exhibitors. Being part of this program we were able to build a fleet of small balloon popping robots. These little balloon poppers were extremely popular with the kids.  We plan to make this a bigger part of the event next year now that its a proven concept. Details on that down the road but we plan to encourage kids to build little balloon poppers and bring them to the event! Join our mailing list for updates, when ever we publish a blog post you'll be notified (don't worry its not that often). 

New Feature!

Tiny Balloon Bots

Its now time to congratulate our winners! 

30lb robots:
1st place - RALPH
2nd place - Nothing Special
3rd place - Gigarange

150lb robots:
1st place - Hodor
2nd place - SARS
3rd place - Tankenstein

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend!

Check out the battles here!

Gigarange vs No Expecations

Tankenstein vs Knuckle Sandwich

Ralph vs Nothing Special

Crusher 2.0 vs Tankenstein

Crusher 2.0 vs Tankenstein

Our arena for the day

Gigarange vs Dispatchula

Knuckle Sandwich vs Tankenstein

Lycan - Battlebot :-0

Ralph vs Nothing Special

Crusher 2.0 load in

Crusher 2.0 vs 4LOW

Mule 2.0

SARS vs Hodor

Gigarange vs No Expectations

Crusher 2.0 vs 4LOW

Ralph vs Dispatchula

Lycan - Battlebot

No Expectations load in

Photo's by Richard Walsh of

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