Monday, August 1, 2016

Event #3 registration is live!!

Hello robot builders!

Registration for BotBrawl event #3 at MakerExpo is open now! This years event is on September 10th 2016 at Kitchener City Hall.

Join us on September 10th for some robotic mayhem!!

Once again we are hosting 30lb and 150lb sumo robots, each custom built robot will face off in our 10ft circular arena! Anyone can build and compete, there are a number of intro and how-to's featured on this very blog.

Here's the big news!

Thanks to MakerExpo we are able to introduce a new class of robot this year!!!!

Introducing the MINI BOTS!! These little guys are designed specifically for kids and tasked with the mission of balloon popping. Each robot has two balloons on the back and 2 balloon popping spikes on the front!

We'll have a handful of premade robots ready at Maker Expo this year for kids the in audience to drive around! If its successful and there's a demand we may open this up next year so any kid can compete with a balloon popping robot!

*There is no registration needed for balloon popping robots this year

How do I register? 
Registration will open August 1st 2016 and closes September 1st 2016
Spots are limited so register early using our online registration form!

*Registration fee required prior to event (payment through Eventbrite)
You can register now and pay later.

-$25.00CND for 150lb robots
-$15.00CND for 30lb robots
*Eventbrite fees apply
All event fees are folded back into the event, for building the arena, renting equipment, prizes etc.

Due to space restrictions only two competitors per robot are allowed in the pits. Competitors will be given ID badges, required to access the pit area. Additional passes may be offered on a case by case basis.
Email: for details and requests.

To register please fill out an event registration form and use Eventbrite to pay registration fees. Using the same email for both will help us organize. Furthermore please print out and bring the Eventbrite ticket with you to the event.

Event Rules
Event Registration
Event Payment
*please use the same email as event registration for fee payment.

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    1. Our events are 100% free to watch! Join us at MakerExpo on Sept 10th at Kitchener City Hall.