Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Just over 9 weeks until Event #3!

We're counting down, just over 9 weeks left until the robots descend on Maker Expo at Kitchener City Hall on September 10th! 

Event #3 will feature our new upgraded 10ft diameter arena with 30lb and 150lb robots!

If you plan to compete on September 10th at Maker Expo its time to get building. We've put together a comprehensive list of components and how-to's.

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Lets not forget that these robots can be built from almost anything, from steel to plywood it all comes down how inventive a builder you are. Of course we recommend giving yourself as much time as possible to complete your build. Even for the most experienced builders it ALWAYS takes longer then you expect.

Don't forget to review the rules while designing your robot

If you and your team have questions please shoot us an email!

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