Thursday, June 2, 2016

Registration for Event #2 is at a close!

Big thanks to the teams who registered for Event #2 at Cambridge Arts Festival on June 18th!

If you weren't able to build a robot this time around then join us for the grand brawl right in front of Cambridge city hall starting at 10am!

Here are our competitors for Event #2;

Robot Weight ClassRobot NameTeam Name
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)LugtreadMassacre Robotics
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)R-B-ONEScholars
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)RalphRoboFreaks
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)GigarangeRobot Mafia Robotics
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)GloomyTerror
Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)RedemptionWild Card Robots
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)TankensteinOrbital Spin
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)Public enemy Robot Mafia Robotics
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)MuleTerror
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)Hold The DoorBeaverworX
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)4 LowProjects Addicts Anonymous
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)Grand River ExpressGenesis
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)HelenwheelsBeta
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)AlphadogAlpha
Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)SARSMassacre Robotics

Event # 3 takes place on September 18th so start building now!

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