Monday, June 20, 2016

Event #2 Results

Bot Brawl Event #2 is at a close!
Thank you to all our competitors and everyone in Cambridge for showing up!
Thanks to Cambridge Arts Festival for hosting us.

Our winners this weekend

30lb robots: 
First - Ralph
Second - Gigarange
Third - Lugtread

150lb robots:
First - SARS
Second - Hold The Door
Third - 4Low

Best Driver:
Hold The Door

 Coolest Robot:

Here are a few pictures from this weekends event!
Our next event is on September 10th at Maker Expo in Kitchener Ontario.
Registration opens on August 1st 2016.

If your interested in building your own robot please review our rules and the many of instructions on this website.

Big thanks to Operandi for sponsoring the BotBrawl area this year!

150lb Knuckle Sandwich

150lb Crusher

30lb Gigarange

150lb SARS + Bricks for weight

30lb Gloomy fiberglass shell

150lb Mule repairs under way (yes its gas powered) 

30lb Ralph

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