Monday, May 9, 2016

Rules and Regulations Update!

Based on feedback from Event #1 at Maker Expo we've updated our rules and regulations.

Here's what we've changed.

-Arena is now 10ft in diameter
-Banned weapons: Excessive Audio Equipment (Truck horns, buzzers, etc)
                               Anything which might drown out the announcer
-Administration details

Regarding the banned weapons; audio equipment. Excessively noisy robots (ICE or otherwise) will be banned from competition. If the announcer/referee/safety officer cannot speak over the robot without amplification then it presents a safety risk and will thus be barred from competing. If however you want to have a playful car horn or have your robot sing a little tune then thats is fine just keep the volume reasonable please.

Feel free to review the updated rules here.

If you have any questions regarding the rules or competition feel free to contact us using the contact form to the right. 

Don't forget to register for Event #2 on June 18th or prep for Event #3 on September 10th!

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