Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meet The Builders #3 - Team Genesis

Antione Trabulsi of Team Genesis spent a bit of time with us last Tuesday at Kwartzlab in Kitchener to talk about his 150lb sumo bot Grand River Express.

Team Genesis - Antione Trabulsi

Antione is a seasoned veteran when it comes to robotic combat and FIRST robotics.

In fact as he outlines in the video a number of parts used in Grand River Express come from FIRST Robotics supplier Vex Robotics.

Vex is a great spot for motors, motor controllers and when it comes to gears and sprockets they are simply unbeatable!

Bonus, the Canadian shop ships out of Mississauga!

Grand River Express uses 6 CIM motors for drive and the Vex 2 speed ball shifter gearbox.
To power those CIM motors Antione uses a mix of Vex Talon SRX and Vex Victor motor controllers.

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