Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Event #1 wrap up - Meet the Builders - Mayoral Battle

Good morning Makers!

We are now 3 days post Maker Expo and what a show that was! 
Despite a few downpours and grey sky Maker Expo hosted 7500 attendee's!

We would like to thank Maker Expo for hosting us and putting on an amazing show, cannot wait for 2016. Our sponsors Fingertech Robotics and Kinetic Maker Lab for their support, all our competitors who stuck it out in the rain and of course all of you who showed up to catch the battles!

We had a lot of great fights and thanks to KML they were all recorded. It will take us some time to process all the video but check back on where to find them.

-Meet The Builders-

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be posting a few 'Meet The Builder' videos where we meet with a few of our builders in their shops and discuss their robot, why they built them the way they did and some details on component selection.

Our first segment will go live later this week with founder and builder Ravi Baboolal of All Black Robotics and his bot Roach!

150lb fighting robot Roach - All Black Robotics

There is so much information to share but lets start with our winners for event #1
150lb class:
1st place - E.Honda <right> (Team Maple Bacon)
2nd place - SARS (Massacre Robotics)
3rd place - Grand River Express (Team Genesis)

30lb class:
1st place - Gigarange <right> (Robot Mafia)
2nd place - Lug Tread (Massacre Robotics)
3rd place - Dado Demon (Death By Design) 

-Mayoral Battle-
Big congratulations to Mayor Berry Vrbanovic from Kitchener who won the mayoral brawl!

Full videos of the battle will be out shortly. This was a lot of fun! Huge thanks to the mayors for their support and dedication. You can tell they had a blast!

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