Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bot Brawl Build Session 2 + Video/Photos

Boy oh Boy we are but 1 week away from Sept 19th and the robot battles.
To say the least we have been BUSY.

Join us on Sept 19th 10am-6pm at Maker Expo at Kitchener City Hall.

This event is turning into something amazing, with 19 teams and droves of fighting robots we will be running fights throughout the day. Not to mention our special TriCitiesBrawl with mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge which begins at 2:30pm.

Ravi Baboolal of All Black Robotics teamed up with Darin White and knocked down the doors of Cambridge and Waterloo city hall for a photo shoot with acting mayor Pam Wolf and mayor Dave Jaworsky.  All in preparation for the TriCitiesBrawl where the 3 mayors of Waterloo Region will descend upon the arena and kick bot.

Check out the story on Mayor Dave Jaworksy and acting Mayor Pam Wolf!

Mayor Dave Jaworsky of Waterloo
Acting Mayor Pam Wolf of Cambridge

- Build Session -

We are proud to announce another Bot Brawl Build Session!
Join us on Sept 18th 5pm-10pm at Kwartzlab
All of our teams are welcome and the arena will be setup so you can get your practice in.
Interested parties welcome!

At our last build session we were joined by The Toronto Star! We can't wait for that story to go live.

*You should be telling everyone you know about this!*

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last two weeks.
150lb The Pusher - Robot Mafia
Build Session #1

30lb Gigarang - Robot Mafia
Build Session #1

Mock 30lb Battle

The Pusher getting a snack

 Taking a break with Brian from the Toronto Star

DW shooting Pam Wolf at Cambridge City Hall

Mmmm big fat 60amp electrical distribution system

150lb Roach - All Black Robotics
Getting fitted for electrical

30lb Lug Tread - Masscare Robotics
Farm tools for the win!

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