Thursday, September 17, 2015

2 Days to go!! Mayors + Toronto Star Article + Live Stream!

2 days until Canada's large and most brutal robot fight! 
Fights will run 10am - 6pm with the special Mayoral Battle starting at 2:30pm.
Sept 19th at Kitchener City Hall @ Maker Expo

 -Mayors Tricities Battle - 
Huge shout out to Berry Verbaonic, Dave Jaworsky and Pam Wolf for accepting out challenge and attending on Saturday. Not only are they fighting but allowed us to join up with the Maker Expo crew for a special kind of photo shoot. Turning each mayors office into a work shop we set them and let the photographer call the shots. Check out the each mayors robot story here;

Mayor Dave Jaworsky of Waterloo:

Acting Mayor Pam Wolf of Cambridge:
Mayor Berry Vrbanovic of Kitchener:

- Toronto Star - 
On August 28th the Toronto Star joined us and many other robot builders at Kwartzlab Makerspace in Kitchener for our first build session. 

Here is the resulting article! And its killer. 

*I never said Buggin'!!!*

Thanks to our sponsor Kinetic MakerLab we are able to live stream Saturdays fights including the mayoral battle at 2:30pm. 
If you can't join us on Sept 19th you can still catch the fights! Just go to the link below and you can watch the fights from your computer.

UStream portal: 

The live stream will be up by 11am on Saturday if not sooner. 
*tournament fights begin 11am* 

Thats a lot of GoPro's

You don't want to miss this
Trust me.
Event Date: September 19th 2015

Kitchener City Hall

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