Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Challenge - TriCitiesBrawl

As the days tick away we are but 6 days away from the registration deadline!

Thats right August 19th 2015 is the cut-off, if your team has not registered by then you'll have to wait until event # 2.

If your not able to join us at a combatant for Event #1 then be sure to attend Maker Expo and catch the fights 10am - 6pm!

Better yet sign up as a volunteer to help run the show!


The Challenge!

We have challenged the Tri-City mayors of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo to help us kick-off event #1 on September 19th by taking part in a robot battle.
We hope this is the first of many TriCitiesBrawl

Reach out to our mayors and encourage them to prove their metal in one of our robot battles!

Berry Vrbanovic - Mayor of Kitchener Ontario
Dave Jaworsky - Mayor of Waterloo Ontario
Doug Craig - Mayor of Cambridge Ontario

Mayor's of Waterloo Region, will you accept our challenge?


Again big thanks to FingerTech Robotics for sponsoring Bot Brawl.
Here is FingerTech's contribution to the prize pool.
Brand new 2.4ghz 6 channel radio control unit!

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

Tweet us @GC_BotBrawl
Join us on Facebook @ BotBrawl

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