Friday, August 7, 2015


Big thank you to FingerTech Robotics for sponsoring Bot Brawl!

Our friends at FingerTech were kind enough to help us build our prize pool for Event #1.

FingerTechRobotics is not only run by a combat robotics veteran but they are also Canadian!
Operating out of Western Canada they have everything you need for your small robotics projects.

All Black Robotics has been known to use their excellent belt and pulley selection while the SPARK motors have become a worldwide standard for small scale robotics including 1 and 3 pound fighting robots. Not to mention their tiny high amp power switches, you will not find a better sized/priced switch. 

What Else?

Lets see, robot kits and killer custom made wheels.

Also these amazing mecanum wheels. 

Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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