Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sponsors Pt2 + The Challenge

We are but one month away from Maker Expo

Join us on Sept 19th along with over 100 other makers and exhibitors for what is proving to be an amazing and unique event.

Registration for Bot Brawl Event #1 closes TODAY AT MIDNIGHT!
Currently sitting at 16 robots we will not be extending registration so get in gear!

The Challenge

We are proud to announce the Mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge have accepted our challenge. On Sept 19th at 2:30pm the mayors will descend upon Maker Expo and battle it out, each piloting a monstrous 150lb fighting robot!

We hope this is the first of many annual TriCitiesBrawl's. The winner will receive a trophy to prove their dominance of the battle field. 


We are proud to welcome our friends at Kinetic Maker Lab to the Bot Brawl family!
Kinetic Maker Lab has committed to helping Bot Brawl set up camera's around our event to film, live stream and broadcast the fights! 

Thats right, thanks to KML we will be able to live stream the bot battles and build our video archive!

Kinetic Maker Lab's mission is something special. Taking a unique approach to the makerspace trend they are a 'pop up' maker space supporting community events such as the Cambridge Arts Fest, Maker Expo and more!

What can you expect from Kinetic Maker Lab?

Just to name a few activities here are some excellent kid friendly workshops.

If your considering attending a community event and spot Kinetic Maker Lab on the exhibitor list YOU SHOULD GO!

We were at Cambridge Arts Fest promoting Maker Expo and Bot Brawl placed in the same area as Kinetic Maker Lab. It was very very cool watching kid running around with jet-packs and weird robots. They were proud to show us what they built and why certain design elements made the jet-packs faster or the robots cooler.

Encouraging the next generation to think outside of the box, design and build something of their own is paramount and something we here at Bot Brawl can get behind.

Big thanks to Kinetic Maker Lab.

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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