Thursday, August 20, 2015

Registration Is Closed!

Registration closed at midnight last night. Its official we have 19 robots registered for Event #1 at Maker Expo on September 19th 2015!

19 robots, that is incredible and just speaks to the excellent maker community present here in Waterloo Region. Across the world gaining new recruits is very difficult for any combat robotics competition. Often numbers only grow by 1-2 builders a year!

We are over joyed to welcome 9 brand new builders into the fold!

*Update from All Black Robotics*
Caption: IT MOVES!

Here are our teams for Event #1:
Team NameRobot NameRobot Weight Class
Massacre RoboticsSARS Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)
All Black RoboticsRoachClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
TerrorMule IIClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Robot mafiaThe Pusher Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Orbital SpinDeltaWyeClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Scholars BotsKiller-MachineClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
GenesisThe Grand River ExpressClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
TerrorSiege EngineClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Projects Addicts Anonymous 4 LowClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Maple Bacon E. HondaClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
ECRobotGeorgeClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
ArmadilloSir TophamBotHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Untitled 1Thing 1Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Death by DesignDado DemonHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Idea Factory LabRevered RustbucketHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
TerrorClawed CrawlerHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Team EdwardsJaegerHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Robot MafiaGigarange Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Massacre RoboticsLug TreadHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Join us September 19th for Canada's biggest robotic combat event!

Maker Expo @ Kitchener City Hall 10am-6pm, we'll be right outside in Discovery Square!

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Kitchener City Hall

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