Thursday, August 20, 2015

Registration Is Closed!

Registration closed at midnight last night. Its official we have 19 robots registered for Event #1 at Maker Expo on September 19th 2015!

19 robots, that is incredible and just speaks to the excellent maker community present here in Waterloo Region. Across the world gaining new recruits is very difficult for any combat robotics competition. Often numbers only grow by 1-2 builders a year!

We are over joyed to welcome 9 brand new builders into the fold!

*Update from All Black Robotics*
Caption: IT MOVES!

Here are our teams for Event #1:
Team NameRobot NameRobot Weight Class
Massacre RoboticsSARS Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)
All Black RoboticsRoachClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
TerrorMule IIClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Robot mafiaThe Pusher Clever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Orbital SpinDeltaWyeClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Scholars BotsKiller-MachineClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
GenesisThe Grand River ExpressClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
TerrorSiege EngineClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Projects Addicts Anonymous 4 LowClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
Maple Bacon E. HondaClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
ECRobotGeorgeClever Class Sumo (150 LB)
ArmadilloSir TophamBotHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Untitled 1Thing 1Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Death by DesignDado DemonHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Idea Factory LabRevered RustbucketHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
TerrorClawed CrawlerHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Team EdwardsJaegerHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Robot MafiaGigarange Hobby Class Sumo (30 LB)
Massacre RoboticsLug TreadHobby Class Sumo (30 LB)

Join us September 19th for Canada's biggest robotic combat event!

Maker Expo @ Kitchener City Hall 10am-6pm, we'll be right outside in Discovery Square!

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Kitchener City Hall

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sponsors Pt2 + The Challenge

We are but one month away from Maker Expo

Join us on Sept 19th along with over 100 other makers and exhibitors for what is proving to be an amazing and unique event.

Registration for Bot Brawl Event #1 closes TODAY AT MIDNIGHT!
Currently sitting at 16 robots we will not be extending registration so get in gear!

The Challenge

We are proud to announce the Mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge have accepted our challenge. On Sept 19th at 2:30pm the mayors will descend upon Maker Expo and battle it out, each piloting a monstrous 150lb fighting robot!

We hope this is the first of many annual TriCitiesBrawl's. The winner will receive a trophy to prove their dominance of the battle field. 


We are proud to welcome our friends at Kinetic Maker Lab to the Bot Brawl family!
Kinetic Maker Lab has committed to helping Bot Brawl set up camera's around our event to film, live stream and broadcast the fights! 

Thats right, thanks to KML we will be able to live stream the bot battles and build our video archive!

Kinetic Maker Lab's mission is something special. Taking a unique approach to the makerspace trend they are a 'pop up' maker space supporting community events such as the Cambridge Arts Fest, Maker Expo and more!

What can you expect from Kinetic Maker Lab?

Just to name a few activities here are some excellent kid friendly workshops.

If your considering attending a community event and spot Kinetic Maker Lab on the exhibitor list YOU SHOULD GO!

We were at Cambridge Arts Fest promoting Maker Expo and Bot Brawl placed in the same area as Kinetic Maker Lab. It was very very cool watching kid running around with jet-packs and weird robots. They were proud to show us what they built and why certain design elements made the jet-packs faster or the robots cooler.

Encouraging the next generation to think outside of the box, design and build something of their own is paramount and something we here at Bot Brawl can get behind.

Big thanks to Kinetic Maker Lab.

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Challenge - TriCitiesBrawl

As the days tick away we are but 6 days away from the registration deadline!

Thats right August 19th 2015 is the cut-off, if your team has not registered by then you'll have to wait until event # 2.

If your not able to join us at a combatant for Event #1 then be sure to attend Maker Expo and catch the fights 10am - 6pm!

Better yet sign up as a volunteer to help run the show!


The Challenge!

We have challenged the Tri-City mayors of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo to help us kick-off event #1 on September 19th by taking part in a robot battle.
We hope this is the first of many TriCitiesBrawl

Reach out to our mayors and encourage them to prove their metal in one of our robot battles!

Berry Vrbanovic - Mayor of Kitchener Ontario
Dave Jaworsky - Mayor of Waterloo Ontario
Doug Craig - Mayor of Cambridge Ontario

Mayor's of Waterloo Region, will you accept our challenge?


Again big thanks to FingerTech Robotics for sponsoring Bot Brawl.
Here is FingerTech's contribution to the prize pool.
Brand new 2.4ghz 6 channel radio control unit!

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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Friday, August 7, 2015


Big thank you to FingerTech Robotics for sponsoring Bot Brawl!

Our friends at FingerTech were kind enough to help us build our prize pool for Event #1.

FingerTechRobotics is not only run by a combat robotics veteran but they are also Canadian!
Operating out of Western Canada they have everything you need for your small robotics projects.

All Black Robotics has been known to use their excellent belt and pulley selection while the SPARK motors have become a worldwide standard for small scale robotics including 1 and 3 pound fighting robots. Not to mention their tiny high amp power switches, you will not find a better sized/priced switch. 

What Else?

Lets see, robot kits and killer custom made wheels.

Also these amazing mecanum wheels. 

Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Deadlines, Arena & Build Reports

Over this past long weekend a number of our builders were in the shop preparing their robots for mayhem!

But first lets us not forget the registration deadline is fast approaching! August 19th 2015 is the deadline. If you want to play then register your team NOW!

Also read the rules!

Event #1 (yes this will be a yearly event) takes place September 19th 2015 at Maker Expo!
We are one of the 150 exhibitors and premier attraction.

We've also started working on the arena. Big thanks to Massacre Robotics taking on the challenge.
Test video

Now for build pictures!
5/8" Thick Ply wood

8ft Diameter arena

Detailed View of the underside

Team Genesis rocking the mill!
Team EC making sparks

Team EC 

Team Orbital Spin's 150lb Sumo
Repurposed Wheelchair

Team Orbital Spin

Ravi of All Black Robotics

One drive pod of Roach 150lb bot
All Black Robotics

Team Genesis' pile-o-parts

Registration deadline is August 19th
Don't Delay

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

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