Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So you want to fight eh?

You've seen the robots on Battlebots these past weekends, you spent your childhood watching Robot Wars on  TV and sketching robot designs over your morning breakfast cereal. Now you have a chance to build the bot you've always dreamed of! 

The question is, how do you get involved?

First step, register your team for Bot Brawl Event #1 at Maker Expo.

We are hosting 30lb and 150lb robots, build em at home, build em from wood, fight em at Maker Expo!

Event #1 is a modified sumo event. Robots will square off 1-on-1 attempting to push each other out of the arena. Robots may use lifting arms, wedges, grabbing claws and more to out smart their opponent. 

Here's an example of a simple but very effective robot;

Thomas Kenny's Pin Ball a simple 30lb steel wedge bot taking on the spinning drum of Higgins (Michael Fagan). Pin Ball is powered by four 18v cordless drill motors and armoured with a lot of steel.

*These are full on combat robots*

A similar simple wedge bot built by Joe Provenzano

Now what? How do you build a fighting robot?

Step 1: Take note of what tools you own
Step 2: Track down your local makerspace and find out what tools they own.
Step 3: Get on the SPARC forums, the worlds best fighting robot resource
Get on our forums for local builders
Step 4: Research and design
Read the rules
Step 5: BUILD

These bots are surprisingly easy to build. All methods of construction have merit. Bots build of wood, PVC plastic tubing, steel and sheet metal all have a place in the arena.

Have questions?
Tweet us at @GC_BotBrawl
Email us at gcbotbrawl@gmail.com


Join All Black Robotics at Kwartzlab every Tuesday night at 7pm where they will be building their 120lb Combat Robot and Bot Brawl Sumo bot.

How do I register? 
Spots are limited so register now using our online registration form!

*Registration fee required prior to event (payment through Eventbrite)
You can register now and pay before event date.

-$25.00CND for 150lb robots
-$15.00CND for 30lb robots
*Eventbrite fees apply (non-refundable)
All event fees are folded back into the event, for building the arena, renting equipment etc. But also prizes!

Due to space restrictions only two competitors per robot are allowed. Competitors will be given ID badges, required to access the pit area. Additional passes may be offered on a case by case basis.
Email: gcbotbrawl@gmail.com for details and requests.

Event registrations opens May 5th 2015 and closes August 19th 2015.

To register please fill out an event registration form and use Eventbrite to pay registration fees. Using the same email for both will help us organize. Furthermore please print out and bring the Eventbrite ticket with you to the event.

Event Rules
Event Registration
Event Payment
*please use the same email as event registration for fee payment.
Event Forums
Our forums are being populated with tips and tricks for building sumo robots.

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Get registered today for Bot Brawl!

Tweet us @GC_BotBrawl
Join us on Facebook @ BotBrawl

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