Friday, June 5, 2015

Bot Fight Videos + About Bot Brawl

Over the past few years 'Team Canada' has been travelling to the USA to fight bots!
Bot Brawl is proudly Canadian.

Bot Brawl is hosted by those Canadian builders, endeavouring to being a little what we love back home.

"Team Canada" Consists of 7 people and the following teams
Team Terror
All Black Robotics
Team Maple Bacon
Robot Mafia
Massacre Robotics
Team Genesis

Bot Brawl will be hosting 30lb and 150lb fighting bots on September 19th 2015 at Maker Expo.
Our bots won't be as deadly as those featured in the videos below but we're working our way up to it.
We will open with a sumo competition, building the ground work for killer robots!

Here are a few videos for your viewing enjoyment!
The Creature (Team Terror) vs Scary Mary
The Creature is a simple 4 wheel 150lb sumo robot built by Jason Ribeiro with adjustable forks.
Scary Mary uses a unique upward rotating mill cutter which grabs onto robots and lifts their wheels off the ground.

Diabolical Machine (Team Terror) vs Upheavl
Diabolical Machine is a simple investable 2wheel Saw bot built by Jason Ribeiro of Team Terror
Upheval is a very competitive pneumatic flipper

Sloth (Massacre Robotics) Vs Tripolar
Sloth is a monster with a custom made brushless motor and vertical disc built by Dalton OConner of  Massacre Robotics. 
Tripolar is a spinning ring of hardened steel and doom.

PitterPatter (Team Gensis) Vs Shaka
PitterPattern is built by Antoine Trabusli of Team Genesis and features a clever walking mechanism and little spinning disk. 
Shaka has a MASSIVE spinning disk!

Placebo (All Black Robotics) Vs Tough Nut
Placebo is built by Ravi Baboolal of All Black Robotics and features a 9in fly wheel powered by an 18v grinder and a few drill motors for drive.
Tough Nut is a tough little pusher bot

Gigarange (Robot Mafia) Vs Nyx
Gigarange is Logan Prizenac's baby using a slick 4-bar lifer as a weapon. 
Nyx is a modular robot able to wield a number of weapons.

Honourable Mention:
RoboGames 2015

And now the best fight EVER!

Gloomy Vs Hyper Active
Gloomy (white) is a buget bot with an overhead saw blade built by Jason Ribeiro of Team Terror
Hyper Active is a fully machined bot with a spinning disc.

Now that you've seen all of this.

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