Ontario's Only Robot Fighting League


Calling all DIY masters, weekend warriors and makers. BotBrawl's robot fighting league presents a unique opportunity for teams to test their metal. 

Design. Build. Fight.

Do you have what it takes to build a champion?


Now Announcing Bot Brawl Event #7 at Maker Festival Toronto!
Join us on July 7th - 8th for 2 days of amazing robot battles.

More info available on the events page.

Videos and photos from Event #6 at MakerExpo will be posted soon!



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You can find video of the fights right here!


About US

Our Mission is simple. Provide a safe, fun and public venue for teams to pit their creations against one another. 
BotBrawl presents a standard set of rules and playing ground. Our referees and safety officers ensure all robots adhere to the rules and ensure fair call during the competition.

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Get Building

You've seen the robots on TV and littered across popular culture.

Now its time to get a piece of the action for yourself.

Assemble your team, design your bot and get building.

Battle awaits.

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